Staff Blogs
This is where you need to document what you did for the week. It is easier to take five minutes and write than try and figure out what you did for the whole week.
You are expected to post your Blogs by Saturday of the week. This part of your 100 points for the week. Please check out the new point structure I put on the home page.
What can you write about? What did you do for the team? What pictures did you take this week? What page are you working on? How can Ms. Yaplee help you? Please note any fundraising activities you have done for the week. Make posters, make invites, write thank you letters, etc.Concerns, hopes, connections in the community, get ads for the yearbook, interviews, I could go on and on.
So if you have any questions, please be sure to ask one of the team or me, your advisor, Ms. SY
Staff Blogs/Page Ideas/Brainstorming/List of Things to Do/Calendar and Events/Fundraisers/Advertising/Correspondence