Welcome to the CHSAA Wikispace

Cleveland Alumni Association
Email: chsboard@gmail.com
This is not our official Website, but a gathering place for our Alumni.
The CHSAA Website can be found at : http://www.clevelandalumsea.org/
This space was developed for another way to communicate with fellow classmates without having to pay a fee.
We have broken up classes by decade and in the discussion area anyone can start a discussion and use this as a place to meet online.
When you are added to the Wikispace, you will also have access to email within the Wikispace. So if you wish to address others privately you can do so.

Discussion area will be cleaned out once every other month due to limited storage space.
Questions, please email to address listed above.

Peggy J. Soong Yaplee
Association President and Webmistress